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About us

“Enjoy life”
Brandfarm was born from a drive to make “life as beautiful as possible”. Since 2011, we have focused on beautiful products/brands that can make life more enjoyable, initially with an enormous passion for shoes. Since 2023, the Brandfarm company has also added fashion.
Under the Brandfarm umbrella you will find the brands Tango Shoes, Goosecraft and Yellow Cab.
The love for fashion and shoes is reflected in the carefully crafted collections where attention to sustainability, quality, fit and affordability are of paramount importance. To this end, we look at what is going on in the market, where we can find the best materials and what we can best provide you with.
We enjoy it when you are happy with our products and wear them with love. That is why we always strive to surprise you with current models, high-quality materials and trendy colors. Our approach is unique. We design, model, produce, sell and distribute our products ourselves. This ensures that our products remain affordable for everyone!
With a dedicated international team, we want to contribute to the fact that when you wear one of our products, you actually get the feeling that life looks a little more beautiful.
Created and made with love for you.
The Brandfarm team